School has started. I can start obsessing about Halloween now.


School is going very, very well. Crow loves walking to school, and is delighted to get there. His brain is buzzing from learning multiplication and division, he wants to do flashcards and play math apps and skip-count up to 1000. I’m saying the boy loves numbers, and school is giving him plenty of numbers so life is good.

He’s been in school for two and a half weeks and has worn a Planes shirt every day. Not the same one, he has several. He just hasn’t been to school in a non-Disney shirt yet. I remember a time when I might have actually cared about this, instead of just noted it with a, “huh, that’s weird,” while giving Crow a choice of which one to wear that day. Apparently my time of being overly invested in what my kid wears to school is over. Except for Halloween. Still overly invested in that.

Halloween 2013 - particularly pleased with the DIY crashed witch on the roof.

Halloween 2013 – particularly pleased with the DIY crashed witch on the roof.

Now that school has started, it’s only reasonable to focus on the next phase of the year: Halloween Prep, and incidental early Christmas Prep. That may sound more impressive than it actually is; it mostly involves going out to the garage and figuring out what-all I bought at garage sales over the summer. I really don’t know what’s out there. I should do a better job of photographing things before they go into the garage.

Very little of what I use for Halloween was bought new or in its current form; if it was new, it was probably bought in November at 75% off, otherwise it’s all garage sales and DIY. I do all of this stuff off-season and on the cheap, which is why I lose track of it during the acquisition stage.

The other thing I like to do in September is start on Crow’s costume. I don’t want it to go to the last-minute (and yet somehow it always does, there’s a lesson there somewhere but I probably wouldn’t like it so IGNORE). So first we need to figure out what options to offer him (open-ended questions are not Crow-friendly).

In response to the obvious idea of making something Planes-based, there’s not a lot of intersection between an anthropomorphic vehicle costume and Crow’s costume preferences. He’s not a fan of hats (see The Man Whose Mommy Carries His Yellow Hat costume of 2012), and bulky costume parts will be shed as quickly as possible (see Jetpack Joyride costume of 2013 – the photo below is the best one I got all night).

Man with the Yellow Hat Which Was Not Worn (2012)

Man with the Yellow Hat Which Was Not Worn (2012)

Jetpack Joyride (iPad game) costume.  There were orange LED lights inside the flames, it was pretty sweet.   I also put a speaker in it, to play the game's theme song.  That was not a hit.  (2013)

Jetpack Joyride (iPad game) costume. There were orange LED lights inside the flames, it was pretty sweet. (2013)

So, not Planes. We’ve been watching SchoolHouse Rock lately, especially the multiplication ones. So here we have My Hero Zero.

My Hero Zero, the best Halloween costume for a number-obsessed boy!

My Hero Zero, the best Halloween costume for a number-obsessed boy!

No hat…number-based…basically pjs and a cape…this has potential. Crow is enthusiastic about the idea!

Wow, that’s so easy, I can just forget about this whole Halloween thing until late October and slap it together in an evening! Yes!

Ha ha ha no. This is me. If a costume project does not reduce me to a profanity-laced questioning of the divine order of the universe at least once before the end of September, why it’s just not a real Halloween. I love Halloween, and I love deciding that I totally know how to do things I’ve never done before and should just dive right into projects well beyond my ability level. What could go wrong?

So I’m thinking Electro-Luminescent wire.

I’m thinking about it a lot, actually, and am eagerly awaiting my package from SparkFun so I can get started!

I showed Crow a sample of it and he is on board, he loves things that light up. I’m prototyping the cape tonight, to figure out the biggest cape I can make with 3m of wire for the border. Obviously, I’m ending it above his ankles, as the dragged cape only works in cartoons and for users who can actually fly.

Once I get this knocked out and the garage spelunked, I need to decide what I’m doing for an outdoor project this year.

I’ve needed this. August is our least-favorite month of the year, because most of it is the space between the end of summer school and the start of the new school year, aka the time when Crow’s need for structure and intense activity gets blown the fuck up, it’s too damn hot, and the world gets dumber and meaner. August is the worst. I will not miss it. September is great, September is when anything is possible, including building a giant pumpkin out of coiled strapping and threaded rods. I will not actually do this, but right now I feel like I totally could get that done between now and the end of next month, because that is so far away. And don’t even get me started on all the stuff I could get done between now and Christmas! Sky’s the limit!

(*fine print: limits are nowhere near the sky, I will be lucky if I can just figure out how to get the sleigh and reindeer blowmold back on the roof this year after the Roof-Mounted Tree Is Suddenly No Longer Mounted On The Roof incident of 2013*)

Yay September! September’s birthstone is self-delusion.