Halloween recap


Crow’s Costume:

My Hero Zero

My Hero Zero

My Hero Zero, lights off

My Hero Zero, lights off

Arrrgh, those boot tops. Friday was a really effed-up day, I was supposed to have the day off but Crow had a no-sleep night mid-week and my plans didn’t work out. So I wasn’t home to inspect the costume after school, and didn’t see that the elastic that holds the boots in place had detached. So they were very mobile all night, and there were puddles, and one of the clips on the battery packs snapped off and I had to just shove the thing down the boot. Crow was totally great about it, I offered to take them off but he was too delighted with his costume to consider it even though walking wasn’t the most fun thing.

As usual, we invited friends over to trick-or-treat with us and/or hang out and have pizza and cocktails and check out the costumes. My neighborhood is very enthusiastic about Halloween. Many people decorate, we give out good candy, and the streets are full of kids. It’s fun.

We did not play the Elsa drinking game, because we would have died, although not as quickly as if we’d been drinking for every Avenger that came to the door. My friend’s parents also joined us this year, which is why I have any decent photos at all. Photo credit: Rose (thanks!!).


Because the week was less smooth than I had hoped, I had to drop a few projects from my list. So objectively, I know that the house looked OK, but I had trouble enjoying it because it wasn’t what I had wanted to do.

DSC_5991-3 pano_1


Clever observers may notice that I put my witch crash up on the roof backwards this year, so her legs don’t match up to any reasonable flight pattern. This was not worth another trip up the ladder.

Kids love those stacked pumpkins by the walkway, which are just a bunch of garage-sale Funkins jammed onto a stick. The ground was so hard this year (stupid drought) I could barely get the stakes into the ground, so they’re a little tipsy. The poor pumpkins have been doing this for three years now and are really in crappy shape but kids keep asking if they’re real so I guess it works. I might paint them next year.

Fog! Fog! Fog!

Fog! Fog! Fog!

You know who loves fog machines? My kid (seen here pre-costume in his skeleton shirt or as he calls it, ‘X-ray shirt’). That’s why there is a very large amount of fog in some of these these pics. One of the machines didn’t work this year, which is why no one called the fire department. Crow plus two fog machines probably would have alarmed the neighbors.

I had planned to set up the pop-up canopy in the driveway without the top, and just string lights on the frame, but with the rain I thought it made sense to keep the top so that I could stage the fog bubbler and fog machines under there. The rain didn’t come back, and folks ended up taking chairs out there and hanging out to people-watch, so that was a win and I will probably do it next year.

Halloween 2014: It Is What It Is.

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