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This will not the be last inappropriate object held by this snowman.

This will not the be last inappropriate object held by this snowman.

Garage-sorting went very well today, the spiders in the garage all say hi. Also, ‘something something eat your soul,’ but I don’t really speak Spider so it could have just been, ‘have a nice day, freaky biped!’ Probably the soul thing, though. We grow ’em big out in the garage.

My indulgence for this Halloween is a bubble fog machine. We saw one at a neighbor’s house last year and Crow was entirely delighted by it. It makes bubbles that are full of fog, so when you pop the bubble, there’s a little poof of smoke. Pretty much the pinnacle of fog-encasement technology.

The whole point of fog-bubbles is to chase and pop them, which isn’t really compatible with having decorations all over the lawn, so my plan is to set up a little dance party space on the driveway. I’ll block it off with a little DJ booth, manned by DJ (something skeleton-y, still working on that part), and run the bubble fogger there. Have I mentioned that we get a lot of trick-or-treaters? We get a lot of trick-or-treaters. Our neighborhood has a reputation.

I brought this skeleton inside tonight to give him a sprucing up (not sure about the glam cape for this year, that was last year’s look), and test my idea to use the base of an old stand fan to keep him upright. It looks like that’s a go, by the power of zip ties. If my life needed a tagline, I would consider using By The Power of Zip Ties, at least once October hits.

DJ Something Clever.

DJ Something Clever.
The music they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life.

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