Third Grade!

Third Grade!

Crow started third grade yesterday! He was nervous but brave.

He is at our neighborhood school this year, so we can walk to school for the first time. I don’t miss driving him to school, and I especially don’t miss parking there. We’ve been all over the district since preschool. Doobie and I walk with him and then we get to walk home together which is a nice way to start the day before I drive off to work.

His class is grades 3-5. If this placement goes well he could stay with this team until it’s time to leave for middle school. Crow’s school experience has been very good overall (if we pretend Kindergarten never happened, and we do).

Crow has been really into counting things with his hand-clicker lately. One day last week he and Doobie’s mom counted up every Cars toy and book he owns. The number was over 500.

This is why John Lasseter has a really big house.

This is why John Lasseter from Pixar has a really big house.

He has been collecting them for years. For a long time he just enjoyed lining the cars up or crashing them into each other, but gradually he moved on to re-enacting scenes from the movie, then to doing his own story mash-ups. The other night the toys from Planes were re-enacting an episode of Thomas, which was pretty far through the looking glass. It was a Percy-centric episode, though. I have strong feelings about several trains, but I really have it in for Percy. #OccupySodor

I’m sure there’s a Buzzfeed quiz about this. Which Thomas Character Makes You Stabby? The answer may surprise you!

4 thoughts on “School!

  1. Betty

    Third grade?! How is that possible! (DD15 starts 9th next month, which is equally as impossible.) Yay for being able to walk! (We lived 10 miles from her old school, and 12 from her new.) So…what’s on the lunchbox? 🙂

  2. My son has aspergers, as well. We pretend that first grade AND fifth grade didn’t happen. It’s kind of weird since fifth grade was last year. But, his teacher didn’t care to learn how to help “Bubby”, every idea or helpful piece of advice I’d throw out there, she dodged. I have high hopes for sixth grade, but I have to be honest, Middle School terrifies me and I hope my boy can handle it without many meltdowns.
    Good luck, Crow!

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