This is where I’m coming from, too


Autistic people do not “recover” and the idea of “recovery” has been profoundly damaging to the Autistic community, encouraging service providers to emphasize normalcy above other more meaningful goals. Furthermore, by teaching Autistic children and adults that “recovery” – pretending to be something we are not – is the “optimal outcome” they can achieve, we send a profoundly damaging message to Autistic people, our families, and the public at large. Autism is a natural part of the human condition and not something to recover from or eliminate. The goal of autism research and service provision should be to create happy Autistic people, not to encourage ‘passing for non-Autistic’ without regard to the impact on our quality of life.

ASAN Statement on Fein Study on Autism and “Recovery”

This is where I’m coming from, too. I don’t want to fix Crow’s neurology, I want to help him find the best ways to work with it, just as we all do with whatever wiring or programming challenges we face. He’s not broken (any more than the rest of us are), we just have an advantage because there’s a name for his variant and a slew of people who can help him learn to work with it. And if you ever hear me say/write anything that doesn’t line up with that basic tenet, I want you to slap me with something smelly. It’s that important.

4 thoughts on “This is where I’m coming from, too

  1. Sherry G.

    I saw an article the other day talking about a “cure” for autism. I don’t know where the article was or what it was about as I did. not. click. It made me sick and heartsore.

  2. Jackie

    Ignorant twat – he sounds as though he has the intelligence of dog poo, but then again, that would be offensive to the dog poo. The fact, is however, that it takes more than hot air and stupid comments, to be a good human, in this world – IMO Crow, has being a good human, well and truly nailed. He and his parents, are better people.

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