Getting to know me: I buy weird shit.


In addition to living in a powder keg and giving off snark, I also live in a house, or more precisely a funky little shack.  We rent, because spending a million dollars on a house is not in the cards on one income, and that’s what it costs to live here.  I love our place, though.  It’s quirky and run-down, like me.

I’m a collector, but not of traditional collectibles, or of the sort of thing that can get you on Antiques Roadshow, trying to pretend like you’re not going to run out and sell Great-Aunt Myrna’s ugly-but-weirdly-valuable cachepot as soon as you’re off camera.  I like kitsch, I like ugly, I like everyday/forgotten/industrial, I like sincere.

I’ve been trying to focus a bit more, to build things like my bathroom Fish Wall.

Wall of Fish

Wall of Fish

They’re mostly chalkware.  I also have a mermaid wall, but they’re harder to find at non-insane prices, so my fish-to-mermaid ratio is decidedly skewed.

This is the Wall of Presidents from the kitchen.

The Stately Wall of Presidents

The Stately Wall of Presidents

This plate doesn’t really fit with the others, but it’s a complete trainwreck so I love it.  Bad font kerning!  Bad composition – unless they meant to have Lincoln’s grave sodomizing the Lincoln Monument.  Maybe they did, I don’t judge (I totally judge).

Trainwreck Lincoln

Trainwreck Lincoln

I like industrial warning signs.  This one is too modern (obviously) but it’s delightful so it’s in the kitchen.  People should know.

Danger: Robot moves without warning; do not stand in this area

Seriously, don’t stand there. Robots.

This one is by the stove.

Safety Glasses Required

SAFETY, people!

I also like what I guess they call vintage schoolhouse, aka old toys.  I was really into vintage puzzles for a while, and I glued the pieces in place so I could hang them.

wall of puzzles

Glue. So much glue.

At some point I need to get decent photos of my office.  It’s in an unloved 70s university building which will probably have a date with a wrecking ball the minute someone offers to buy the university a new building.  It’s an office with a door and windows that open, which is fabulous, but I had to do something about the blah walls, so I covered the wall behind my desk with (mostly) vintage game boards.  It’s pretty sweet.

I buy this stuff all over the place – mostly garage and estate sales, but also flea markets, rummage sales, thrift shops, and of course ebay.  My house does have a garage, but my car has never been in it – partially because it is behind the house and requires way more Extreme Precision Driving than I’m willing to attempt, but it’s mostly because of my Christmas/Halloween stash.  More about that later.

One thought on “Getting to know me: I buy weird shit.

  1. Holy cow, I love this. I think I am split between the wall of fish, and the Robot sign. There is a restaurant on I-5 on the way to LA (well, it’s in the middle of nowhere, and you run into it on the way to LA) called the Apricot Tree. They collect lunchboxes, and the entire restaurant is filled with them. It is so much fun going there 🙂

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